Your Box Set Recommendations

Name I am based at: What box set would you recommend for colleagues? What did you like about it?
John Goode RML Central (Wellingborough) King Gary The sense of humor, banter
Emma Rowley RML Flooring Midlands (Wolverhampton) The Last Dance Very insightful documentary about Michael Jordan and Chicago bulls
Joanne Parr RML Central (Wellingborough) Dead to me It’s funny but dark
PAUL HOLLOWAY RML Wales & West (Abercarn) OZARK on Netflixs Great story lines about a couple laundering money for a Mexican Cartel
PAUL HOLLOWAY RML Wales & West (Abercarn) Vikings on Amazon Prime The action, great fight scenes and the breath taking Scenery.
Bran Panter RML Central (Wellingborough) Blacklist Main character (Redington) is cool as. Lots of storylines run alongside the main story. Lots of episodes so will last the distance.
Greg Farrar RML Central (Wellingborough) 30 Rock It’s an astonishing study of how to produce finely-tuned comedy to a consistent format for an extended period with no loss of quality. The cast is amazing. If you like SNL, you’ll love this.
Adam Wright RML Flooring Midlands (Wolverhampton) The Witcher It’s based off the books and very successful role-playing video game series.
Rod Holt   Seinfeld Very very funny
Chris Alldread RML Flooring Midlands (Wolverhampton) Godfather trilogy Francis Ford Coppola’s fines work, with De Niro, Pacino and Brando providing ground breaking performances. There’s nothing not to like, they’re gangster films with car chases, gun fights, classic one liners and an outstanding soundtrack. Godfather 3 is a bit rubbish.
Anthony Horton RML North West (Cheshire) X-files The fit bird lol
Matt Korny RML Central (Wellingborough) The Detectorists Funny, relaxing, scenic
Paul Forman RML Central (Wellingborough) ITV 4 reruns of the Sweeney classic Cant beat a bit of nostalgia …
Matt Davies RML Central (Wellingborough) Banshee It’s got a bit of everything.
jason Dorks RML Central (Wellingborough) Homeland on Amazon keeps you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns in the plot
Joanne Parr RML Central (Wellingborough) Orange is the new black Everything
Ben Percy RML Flooring Central (Wellingborough) Band of brothers War time series, utterly fantastic, if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out
Steve Gwynne RML Flooring Midlands (Wolverhampton) Breaking Bad, Netflix Drama Not watched all episodes yet, but so far can’t get enough of it
Sarah Horden RML Flooring Midlands (Wolverhampton) West World (now on series 3) This is based on a old 70’s movie and updated for today, lots of twists and turns to keep you interested
Bashy Baz RML Flooring Midlands (Wolverhampton) Inbetweeners Adult humor all the antics they get upto keeps you smiling and laughing
Michelle Brayfield RML Central (Wellingborough) What If on Netflix Loads of twists and always ends with you wanting to know what happens next!
Adrian Heath RML Flooring Midlands (Wolverhampton) Inbetweeners Adult humor all the antics they get upto keeps you smiling and laughing