The Differences Between Work and School

As mentioned in my previous blog, this month I will be guiding you through a typical day as an apprentice and I thought the best way to do so was by comparing and contrasting the differences between working and attending school/ sixth form.

First of all… the mornings. Getting up an hour earlier for work than I had to for school, admittedly was slightly difficult to get used to, but that could be purely just because I am not a morning person.
I then set off to work in my car, which was a major difference between work and school. Having to get
the school mini bus to sixth form everyday was something I certainly did not enjoy. There were so many caterwauling kids crammed inside this decrepit worn down mini bus; it was not pleasant. Whereas, now I can drive, I take myself to work in the comfort of my Renault Clio and after the mini bus experience I very much appreciate the independence and luxury of driving. I feel that having an apprenticeship prompted me to get my driving licence quicker than I would have done without working.

When I get to work I usually have about five minutes or so to eat my breakfast at my desk before work starts. I would not have had this time whilst at sixth form. Since I have started working, it has been the first time in years that I have started to eat something for breakfast. A good breakfast sets me up for the day and keeps me going until lunch. Not that it matters; the office is always full of food for everyone to help themselves to, it doesn’t last long mind you. When 8 o’clock comes I start pursuing the tasks that need doing for the morning, such as logging on inquiries and making hard copy quotes to send to customers.

My work during the day entails of firstly, running through mine and theClio
sales accounts emails to find anything that may have been sent through by customers. I will then log on any inquiries that need to be quoted for and schedule them in for designers to complete by the date required. This will usually take a while as we get a vast amount of emails on a daily basis so I will have to read and interpret them all and deal with them accordingly. Following this, I will usually produce site packs and/or hard copy quotes for customers and site agents; I will then frank these later in the day at about 4 o’clock and send them off in the post. After lunch you will more than likely find me doing my college work in preparation for September. During my time at sixth form, in the morning I would have come in after enduring my joyful journey and gone straight to lesson to sit through a double lesson of taking notes; it was arduous. Following this I would then have two more lessons of note taking before lunch.

Later in the day, when I’m hungry (which is usually around 12/12:30), I have my hours lunch. It’s great that I have the flexibility to choose when I want to have my lunch, you do not get that luxury whilst at school as there are set times when you are allowed to have breaks and there is no negotiating whatsoever. Although the kitchen in the office is not huge, it does the job by having a kettle and a microwave. That’s all anybody needs for a luxurious dining experience in my opinion. Lunch at sixth form was fairly dull. I would sit in the common room with my ear phones in whilst sitting in a circle with other people who would also have their earphones in or would just be on their phones; there wasn’t much socializing.

At five o’clock I finish work, which is an hour and a half later than school finishes but the rest of the working experience compensates for this added time. I then get in my trusty blue Clio and head home to relax for the evening, knowing I don’t have to worry about getting homework/coursework in for the next day, leaving me with the whole evening to do with as I please. This is genuinely the greatest feeling in the world. When I was at school/sixth form I felt like I was working 24/7, as I would spend all day at school and then be expected to do even more work when I got home. Therefore, I probably work less hours now than what I did at school; leaving me much more time to pursue my out of work activities and have a social life.

Overall, I personally feel that the working life by far outweighs that of the school life. I would greatly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone. I hope this gives you an insight on what a day as an apprentice entails and answers any questions you may have.