Working from Japan

Emmanuel Guerit – Truss Estimator

With our series of blogs focusing on how our employees are adjusting to working from home, we thought now would be a great time to check on the progress of our Estimator Emmanuel Geurit – who moved to Japan in December. Still working for RML from home with little change to his daily tasks, Emmanuel has always been positive about continuing with his work and looking forward to the change.

The initial motivation for the move was to be reunited with his wife who is permanently based in Kobe, Japan. Ever since, Emmanuel has been maintaining consistent contact with his team and Line Manager – Head of Truss Design Matt Korny. At the start of this year Matt never expected to be extending their video calls to the whole team, which is now a reality as we all work remotely. 

Emmanuel adjusted extremely well at the start of this year considering the 8-hour time difference between the UK and Japan. With access to the same design software, he was happy to adjust his work schedule around this and knew his colleagues would support him through the change.

In the initial months since his move, Emmanuel has adjusted to his new way of life but could not have predicted the global pandemic of COVID-19 that was about to occur. As one of the first countries to be affected by the virus, Emmanuel has been living through a slightly different timescale of lock down than us in the UK. Below he lets us know where he currently stands:

‘At the moment I am working as normal here and everyday life is carrying on – shops, restaurant, others activities… are opened. Only schools/university are closed and sports event had been cancelled/postponed. As the data here is not too bad (3906 confirmed cases,92 deaths & 592 recovered), the government recommended us to stay at home but it’s not an obligation, so we are still free to go out. However, it may change soon if the situation worsens.’

Flexibility and communication has been more important for us in recent times than ever and the willingness of our staff to adapt like Emmanuel has been greatly appreciated. Along with all staff, Emmauel has been able to stay continuously updated through daily vlogs from our CEO Simon Kidney and numerous activities to become involved with.




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