Tips for working from home by our habitual remote worker – Head of Marketing Eppie Anderson

Following our series around employees newly working from home, RML’s Head of Marketing Eppie Anderson talks about working at home through the lockdown:

Eppie Anderson – Head of Marketing

My main priorities have been to make sure that I’m doing everything possible to make sure my small team are safe, then to help the business communicate effectively, not just with customers, but also with our colleagues and the wider market, before carrying on with other planned work. The challenge has been to keep ahead of the pace of the change as the situation develops and put in place new protocols to ensure we are keeping everyone up to speed.

I’ve been based from my home office for 20 years, so at least that element of life hasn’t changed. I’m lucky enough to have a log cabin in the garden fully kitted out with power, broadband and heat; this serves as my office so in all senses I get up and go to work in the morning like everyone else – I just don’t have to get in the car to get there. And at the end of the day I can lock the door and ‘go home’ – the twenty steps to the back door. Normally I would be in one of the RML offices several times a week, so that element has definitely changed!

I know many of my colleagues now working at home for the first time have faced challenges, not least making room for the equipment the company has sent them home with or juggling the needs of home-schooling children, but from all those I have spoken to, I sense a determination to make it not just work but to really succeed.

In many senses, communication with colleagues has actually increased since lockdown started. The senior team is based across the country, and normally see each other all together once or twice a month, but as the business has moved to video conferencing, all of a sudden we are getting together with all our colleagues, face to face, most days. I’d say that’s a bonus.

These are difficult times for everyone, but we are lucky to be part of a well-led business that will come out of this stronger, with plans for a highly controlled, phased return to production from next week.

My top tip for working at home is actually about stopping work. When your hours are done and you turn off the computer, even if it’s on the kitchen table, put it away. Or cover it up. Make sure you get your ‘you’ time, your family time, the time off you deserve!

Eppie’s cabin which she works from

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