Working from home for Truss Estimator Sam Cole


A key team in the business at the moment has been our talented Estimating Team, still working from home. Although most of the production throughout the company has paused for the moment, we can reassure our customers that we are equipped to carry out quote and design work as normal. This ensures our housebuilder customers are more prepared for when they return to work and have the necessary supplies to overcome any obstacles.

Our Truss Estimating Team Leader Sam Cole – based at the Central Wellingborough site – has been hard at work to support our new starters and complete any incoming work with his team. Always an innovator, Sam has put together a make-shift working set up with his coffee table and a cardboard box due to not having a desk at home.

Apart from this new working environment and setting up his incoming calls to mobile, Sam has thankfully had little change to his daily activities. Although there has been an understandable decrease in the communication from customers as sites shut down, there has been plentiful work for him to proceed with and is still contacting available customers as he normally would.

The Estimating team is ever-increasing and spread over multiple sites, so communication is key amongst this team as well as Design once orders have been secured. Head of Truss Design Matt Korny has been facilitating daily video chats with groups to check on any progress and provide assistance where necessary. Sam has also stayed in close contact with his colleagues that he works with regularly over email, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams and phone calls.

This has become especially important when supporting new members of the team. As we have some Designers and Estimators that are relatively new to the team, Sam has made every effort to help them. Despite this inevitably becoming more challenging remotely, he has been able to test his knowledge by seeing any possible issues they could be having over calls or messages and thinking of a suitable solution.

Sam has been surprised at how well he has adjusted to the change in working environment and is grateful for all the hard work of our IT support providers for setting him up remotely in such an efficient way. Although this new set up is considerably quieter, his Fiancée is keeping him topped up with coffee and he is finding productivity through setting regular targets. As the team are always set targets at the beginning of the week, this has been helpful in giving clear timescales and keeping morale high.

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