Working from home for our Design Team

Sarah Horden – Head of Joist Design

In addition to our Estimating team, our Designers have been continuously working through these difficult times to ensure our customer’s project targets are met. Head of Joist Design Sarah Horden joined us last year from our National Hickman ETFS acquisition and has led the joining of multiple design teams and training new employees as our workload grows.

Sarah has always been a team player, keen to keep her colleagues engaged and highly motivated. This has become more important than ever through these times where the team are completely dispersed working remotely.

She is staying connected with the team through WhatsApp group as well as emails and video calling. Through their daily morning meetings, checking in on how everyone is and including some humour wherever possible has been the key to supporting her team.

To keep the team engaged and entertained, Sarah has facilitated a daily challenge with various activities designed to be mentally stimulating and encourage exercise.

The morale this has brought to the team has been especially helpful, as there has still been an abundance of working for them to complete. As all working operations and software have been organised to be used at home, there has been no change to how design work is undertaken. With quotes and new enquiries still coning through, communication is still ongoing with customers.

In terms of how Sarah herself is coping with this change, keeping a routine has been essential for her mental well-being. This includes getting up the same time she normally would and getting dressed, setting up her goals for the day, receiving daily reports from the team and incorporating exercise.

Sarah has taken this one step further and – from today – will be taking part in an 8-week challenge which consists of an exercise programme able to be completed from home. Although no one can provide an answer to how long we will be working from home, staying up to date with designs and keeping spirits high ensures we are prepared for when operations return to normal.

Sarah’s working from home set up

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