Working from home for the Business Development Team


Our Business Development Team have had some of the most significant changes in their working styles when it comes to now working from home. Aimee Steadman – our Business Development Executive – has adapted particularly well considering she has been working alongside 2 singing birds, her dog and baby kicks from half way through her pregnancy.

Aimee Steadman – Business Development Executive

Despite the distance from the office, Aimee maintained almost all elements of her role by calling new business opportunities and current customers remotely. Although many housebuilder’s offices have inevitably closed, she has still been able to contact customers in the way that is most convenient for them.

Aimee stays in daily communication with her line manager – Jo Parr – to check in on each other and any developments. The whole Business Development Team also video call almost every day to make sure they are still seeing familiar faces.

Aimee has accredited the smooth transition of this new working style to the regular updates she receives. In addition to team information from Head of Business Development Mark Gibson, CEO Simon Kidney’s daily video updates have been reassuring and helped Aimee stay equipped in her role.

To adjust mentally to her new routine, Aimee has found it important to still wake up at the same time and go out for a walk with her partner to stay productive throughout the rest of the day. Although this is gradually becoming easier, Aimee is looking forward seeing her colleagues in person that she works closely with – even if that is past her due date!



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