What would Tim have made of the Pandemic?

As ever around the time of his birthday, we take a few minutes to remember the man behind the name, founder of Robinson Manufacturing, Tim Robinson, who passed away at the age of just 63 in February 2019, less than four years after he sold the business in a management buyout to Mark Smy and Simon Kidney.

What he would have made of the last year and a half or so, we’ll never know for certain.

However, we do know he would have been inordinately proud of how his business and its people, many of whom he employed, have pushed through the chaos of the pandemic not just to survive, but to emerge stronger.

Tim was no stranger to economic turmoil, having steered RML through several recessions, not least the financial crash of 2008 which stopped the housing market in its tracks.

We think he would have recognised RML’s the approach to the lockdown and certainly would have approved of the lengths the leadership team went to in their determination to keep the company’s people engaged, with each other and with the business through repeated lockdowns. 

And now, as the UK emerges from lockdown with housebuilding leading the way, RML continues to build on the legacy of an extraordinary man. Here’s Simon Kidney, CEO:

“Tim started RML’s journey from our Wellingborough factory and continued to be the bedrock on all things we, as a company and family, have done and do. Shortly before he left us, he expressed his immense pride at the journey the business has taken and his desire to see it continue to flourish and I am sure he would have been equally proud of how we have weathered the Coronavirus storm”

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