What Drives the UK’s Timber Engineers? (and Happy Birthday RML!)

If you’ve been following Robinson Manufacturing Ltd (RML) over the past 6 years since the MBO from founder Tim Robinson, you’ll know how CEO Simon Kidney has injected scientific and data led intelligence into the development of the business, which has subsequently trebled in size through his period in office.

On this journey, it has become apparent to Simon that the sector is woefully under researched, and that a lack of general awareness of the sector’s structure and the motivations of business owners operating within it has the potential to undermine its long-term future.

Understanding that knowledge is a potentially powerful tool for the sector, Simon has committed to undertaking Cranfield School of Management’s Doctor of Business Administration, or DBA, the highest-level business qualification available, enabling him to conduct valuable, doctoral-level research on a part-time basis, over four years, alongside his role at RML.

His focus will be on using the latest research tools and techniques to develop a comprehensive picture of the timber engineering sector, what drives businesses of all sizes within it and in particular the drivers behind consolidation, mergers, acquisitions through detailed analysis of personal motivation in strategic exit planning in owner-managed entities within the sector.

Using the Cranfield DBA to develop and apply leading-edge thinking and analytical skills to the structural dynamics of the timber engineering sector will benefit not just RML, but also the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA), who are supporting the programme, and the industry as a whole.

Simon’s commitment to ongoing learning is one that reinforces RML’s reputation for applying science to an industry not known for business transformation or manufacturing development techniques. It also inspires the same drive within the business; the determination to pursue personal development in order to improve understanding and performance is one that rapidly becoming the norm at many levels of RML’s operation.

“With six successful years in the timber engineering industry now under my belt, I’m hugely proud to have been accepted onto the prestigious programme by Cranfield,” Simon explained. “I see the programme as a chance to cement RML as a pioneer of learning just as we are pioneers in customer service production and social engagement; my intention is that this becomes part of my daily routine as well as part of the daily routine of the business as it continues to pioneer research in an under-researched sector where more detailed knowledge can only be to the benefit of all its stakeholders.”

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