Westcott Developments – Rothersthorpe

Although we supply a significant amount of our products to national housebuilders, receiving orders from regional companies is always a pleasure for our design team as it gives us an opportunity to build new working relationships.

We have worked with Northamptonshire based Westcott Developments since 2016 and have been working with them on a new site at Rothersthope recently.

Westcott Developments are a team of experienced builders and designers that specialise in flexibility and innovation on new build, renovation and extension projects.

This particular order consisted of 119 metal web joists for a first-floor and flat roof system design as part of a steel framed extension in Rothersthorpe, Northampton.

By working closely with the client, we were able to provide a top chord supported design which allowed ease of continuous flooring over steel beams. A quality finish was also ensured through installing 22mm moisture resistant chipboard on top of the joists, thus protecting them from on-site traffic.

We look forward to seeing the finished results of this project and the future unique developments that Westcott are part of.