Westcott Developments, Kettering

westcott developmentsWe’ve just completed a job for Westcott Developments in Kettering, including a pitched ecojoist roof.

The roof had multiple connection points including:

  • Joists supported on a 90 degree end vertical
  • Joists notched into the web of a steel beam
  • Joists supported on their top chord

The design elements were complex, including (but not limited to) these challenges:

  • Accurately placing the steel beams on the designs, this was difficult because the steels are installed at angles. We had to agree on a reference point on the steel and always dimension to this point to ensure we were all working to the correct measurements.
  • Not only working to the drawings supplied but working directly with people to site to ensure all wall positions and heights were perfect, usually small discrepancies to have a huge effect on site however due to the nature of this project if the dimensions were even slightly out.
  • Due to the size shape of the joists we had to press them one by one in the factory which slowed down production.
  • We had to manufacture a double chamfered timber plate with a different angle on each edge so that site could fix joists coming in at different pitches at the ridge, getting this right was essential so that site didn’t experience any issues.

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