Based at our Essex factory, in Basildon, Kellie-Marie Gordon has recently joined our team of drivers. She has loads of driving experience, much of which she gained in a 10 year stretch in the RAF, where she drove a wide range of vehicles including cars, buses, coaches, lorries delivering fuel to airports and goods transport – as well as aircraft refueling. It’s fair to say Kellie-Marie is qualified to drive just about anything, just about anywhere! She is also a qualified personal training instructor.

With plenty of agency work around, we wondered what attracted someone with Kellie-Marie’s experience to a company like Robinson Manufacturing. She replied:

“When I attended my interview I had a good look around in the Essex Branch Yard, had my interview with Chris Alldread and from that moment I thought I would quite like this job as it sounds a challenge.  I also liked the idea of not just travelling from A – B, its good to have a variety of building sites all over the South East to travel to.”

At work, Kellie-Marie enjoys the freedom of her driving role, and when she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.