Henry Mottershead-Jones, who has recently joined our Design department, comes from Shrewsbury and studied BA Product Design at the University of Derby for three years:

“Having the ambition to push my career forward I looked for new challenges in new places, this is when I came across RML.

“As I have a heavy background in construction and design as well as a mindset on learning more, Robinson Manufacturing took me on to join the Design team, including me in the family here in Wellingborough.

“I have undergone specialist training in roof design and have been enrolled in an online university course for truss design. With such a welcoming team here and the help from them, within 3 weeks I have already had a roof I designed, ordered.

This has now allowed me to tackle challenging bespoke roofs that have been assigned to me. Overall these first few weeks have been exciting, full of challenges to learn from as well as having a laugh with my co-workers.”