The ‘Usual’ Day

In this month’s blog I welcome my readers to the comparison between my ‘usual day’ of when I first started, compared to what my current day entails.

Firstly, when I first started, I would come in to the office in the mornings and read through the books given to me and use the internet to familiarise myself with the concept of trusses and joists. As well as this, I would check to see if I received any emails from my line manager (Matt Korny), where he would provide me with some tasks to complete; such as logging on a few enquiries etc. This would take up a large proportion of the morning. For the rest of the morning I would freelance on matrix off of my own back to try and get to grips with the complex software and better my understanding and knowledge of the product. During the afternoon, I would be usually tested on my knowledge by Matt to see what I have learnt so far. In addition to this, I would spend the rest of my afternoon creating section and plan drawings to take my knowledge further and prepare for the designing I will undoubtedly doing in the foreseeable future.

In contrast to this, when I get to the office in the morning I will navigate through my emails, as well as having the responsibility of overseeing the whole companies sales email. From here, I will then redirect customers and give answers to any pondering questions, as well as logging on enquires to then schedule in for the designers. Following this, I will then organise site packs and hard copy quotes ready to send out later in the day to customers and sites. In addition to this, I would also print off drawings for customers upon request, which would then get laminated and sent off to site. During the afternoon, I would oversee general maintenance of the sales email and update the systems if needs be. Furthermore, I would prepare for next month’s blog by drafting out a few copies and seeing which one is most suited to the current time and modifying it to a relevant topic. Recently, I have been starting to touch upon design work for joists, which I find very interesting due to it being slightly different to the truss design; allowing me to learn new skills and better my knowledge. Lastly, whilst I do all of this, I would continually be monitoring the companies live chat system and dealing with any chats accordingly.

So far, this is my current day at Robinson Manufacturing Ltd and as I progress it is inevitable that my days will become more complex and my tasks will develop and change.