Upskilling for Future Growth

upskillingThe scale of growth and development at Robinson Manufacturing in the last 12 months brings new demands the business didn’t have to consider a few years back, when it was a small, regional truss manufacturer. In order to meet these demands head on, our staff and management development programmes have also stepped up a gear, helping us bring the right skills into the business for the future.

Recently Roxanne Newton, one of our core head office team, attended the PRINCE2 Project Management Training Course at Cambridge Regional College delivered by the Knowledge Academy. Here’s what she is bringing back into the business:

“PRINCE2 is a worldwide recognised Project Management tool; the course, while being the most challenging, intense piece of learning I have ever embarked on; also felt the most rewarding in terms of personal development, and for the company alike.

“PRINCE2 is a remarkable course whether you have previous project management experience, or much like myself, minimal experience in this field at all. The content of the course is logical, applicable to all industry and project types, and most importantly provides a baseline upon which it can be implemented.

“The most beneficial aspect of PRINCE2 is that it can be tailored to suit the particular workplace environment that it is being taken ‘home’ to. It sets a foundation of 4 integrated elements to project manage from: 7 Principles to follow, 7 Themes to implement, 7 Processes to work to and lastly, how to tailor these suitably for the requirement of the business and the business project(s).

“It has taught me many transferable skills that Robinson Manufacturing can greatly benefit from; especially during a period of such rapid expansion where many internal projects are ongoing. Not only does it teach how to effectively and logically project manage one project; but how to bring all projects together into a portfolio and successfully manage multiple projects at any given time. It teaches logical progression stages, delegation, accountability, encourages communication and response and is extremely document based allowing for ease of transferability. It brings all levels of management across into a Matrix to benefit from the experience and authority of each; while at the same time ensuring accountability and reporting are understood. For a project to be officially managed in PRINCE2 style, all of the Principles, Themes and Processes have to be met; however how a business/project manager meets this is entirely optional – management style, techniques and delivery are personal preference. These elements can be merged, optimised, minimalised – they cannot be omitted. This is what often makes PRINCE2 projects so successful, having such a solid foundation – and I am delighted (and excited!) to have been offered the chance to bring this into such a rapidly growing company.”