Updated Toolkits For Managers

Led by Head of HR Anna Kennedy, Robinson Manufacturing (RML) is rolling out an update to the management support offered within the business.

Anna and the team will expand on the capabilities of the ‘Youmanage’ HR system. Already successfully implemented across the wider company, this latest development will provide more specific guidelines for managers. It will allow senior-level colleagues access to guides that will support in standardising the recruitment, investigation, and absence management processes.

While the policies Robinson Manufacturing (RML) have in place offer procedures to adhere to, the toolkits aim to break down the steps to take to meet the policy standards.

The latest system updates can be easily accessed through ‘Youmanage’ and the company Intranet. ‘Youmanage’ will also notify managers of the new resources available for them, with the HR team primed to review engagement and receive feedback.

On developing the HR System, Anna Kennedy had this to say:

“With the successful integration of ‘Youmanage’ into company culture, I wanted to take it one step further and maximise on the usage of the system. Offering further support to our managers across the business has been extremely important in developing our teams. I am keen to hear the feedback that arises from the updates to keep our HR operations reflective of the business requirements.”

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