Unloading Roof Trusses – Video Guides

These Safe Handling Roof Trusses video guides are designed to be watched in conjunction with our new, hard copy site pack. As manufacturers or Roof Trusses, Robinson Manufacturing customers all receive a hard copy Site Pack when they place an order, you can download an electronic copy of this document here. All other documentation and certification can be found in our document library, here.

Recommended Method of Manually Unloading Trusses

Safe Unloading of Trusses Using a Forklift

Safe Unloading of Trusses Using a Crane

Unloading and Turning Inverted Trusses

Safe Handling of Spandrel Panels

Safe Handling of Spandrel Panels Using a Forklift

Please Note:

These videos and the Site Pack Manual sent to customers of Robinson Manufacturing reflect our recommendations but should always be considered in conjunction with customers’ own operating instructions as well as local site conditions at the time of offloading.