Two New Trailers

new trailersThere are several constraints that limit the number of trusses we can produce and deliver to our customers each week.  We have already detailed we use the EF work units here, but making sure we can manufacture the trusses without provision to deliver them is useless!

Production Head Northants, Mat Harbour, explains: “The business currently runs a fleet of 7 units; 2 rigid units and 5 trucks with articulated trailers. As with the period for setting up the truss jig for manufacture, our lorries also have a period of downtime.” He added: “Although this is sometimes due to the regulation break periods our drivers are required to take, it’s more often due to the time spent reloading the trailers. At Wellingborough, we currently run an additional trailer in the yard to allow for it to be loaded while the drivers are out. As the business continues to grow, we find ourselves needing to invest in a new trailer, and our Essex branch is also in need.”

Cue the arrival of two new Montracon step frame trailers.

The new trailers are an impressive 13600mm long with the lower section of the bed measuring 9250mm.  This lower section is only 923mm off the road level which leaves us a generous 4106mm for the truss height before we have to think about manufacturing the trusses in two sections.

The trailers measure 2544mm wide which can comfortably accommodate 72 x 36mm trusses (approx.. 4 plots) or 48 x 47mm trusses (approx. 3 plots), leaving the swan neck of the trailer for bracing, ancillary timbers or metalwork…or even more trusses!

The new trailers are manufactured exactly to our specification, which has developed over the years to not only ensure that we can transport the maximum number of trusses possible in each load but to make sure we can do it safely.  The trailers have centre posts and rails running down the full length of the bed to ensure that there is always a structural part of the trailer to secure the trusses to while the load is strapped up for transportation.

With both truss plants now having a spare trailer, the trucks can be turned around as quickly as possible to maximise the number of loads we can deliver in a day.