Gang-Nail TSM Training in Scotland

Head of Truss Design, Matt Korny, recently had the pleasure of visiting the team up in Scotland, spending a full day in the office with Estimators & Designers Colin Thomson and Claire Watterston as part of the process of bringing together the teams from Robinson Manufacturing (RML) and ETFS, the flooring division of National Hickman, which RML bought earlier this year.

“Their knowledge of customer needs, technical specifications and pricing structures is superb,” said Matt. “The purpose of the trip was to train them on a last few points so that they could go live with TSM, They have made fantastic progress up there and picked up what was required quickly.”

Now that RML’s Scottish team can load orders onto the company’s system, production can start to issue manufacturing details to the factory direct from TSM, and to produce loading and delivery tickets. Proof of delivery and invoicing function is now also handled through TSM and Sage at head office, with information passed down from Scotland.

Matt also spent some time down in the production office with John and Robbie who took to their new tasks like ducks to water.

Head of Production Scotland, Carol Webb, had a full overview of all training that took place and commented “This training gives us the opportunity to start building the business North of the Border with a great team of people.”