Trusses for Round House Project

In addition to supplying large housing developments for national house builders, our innovative design team often work on self-build and small projects. Designer James Hobson has recently completed a one-off design of mono trusses for a new build round house project.

A unique design such as this brings challenges for our team to solve, in order to meet customer’s requirements and specifications. Many aspects of this job were complex, such as the process of inputting all walls and roof surfaces in a circle.

The challenge then arose of the supporting central wall, which would form the square kitchen area for the most part. The customer requested to keep this area open, as they are eventually aiming to build up the central wall section with a flat roof, using metal web joists. This will then form another design feature of a roof light from the centre of the house.

Our trusses were designed using an extended bottom chord, which would be trimmed as necessary for support on the internal brickwork. A large amount of mono trusses have been utilised to maintain this seamless circular shape and provide the necessary loading support.

The customer also requested us to create an opening for a loft access hatch. To complete this request, James used flexible skew timber hangers for supporting the binders around the opening.

As the trusses supported on the binders would sit at an angle, James opted to make use of a back scab support for this specific truss type. This meant we could keep the quote cost effective for the customer in regards to the required metalwork, as additional skewed hangers would not be needed for supporting the trusses.

This is a prime example of our designers considering the requirements of the entire project and future additions, rather than solely the factors which affect the truss support. 

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