Trusses for Buckinghamshire Development


Our Truss Estimator Brandon Stamp has recently completed a design for a varied new housing development in Buckinghamshire. Consisting of 29 plots, this development is in the early stages of construction by an established Home Counties house builder. As we have now received an order of trusses for these plots, our design team will be finalising the plans and ensuring accuracy in measurements prior to the manufacturing process.

This will be our first order for this small/medium house builder, who focus on select ranges of bespoke designed homes, which are all unique and specific to the area they are built in. These 29 plots consist of luxury 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes, residing in the Buckinghamshire countryside just 4 miles north east of Aylesbury.

Although this is a small collection of homes in comparison to many other sites Robinson Manufacturing have completed designs for, the variety of 9 house types has given Brandon the opportunity to create innovative design solutions. An example of this can be seen in the design below:

This particular plot includes a cat slide roof, which continues below the main eaves height and allows a greater depth of building without increasing the ridge height. In this case, it covers the canopy which sits below the roof. 

This design requires a number of trusses, which for the front of the building consists of a Queen Post truss to create the height and meet span requirements. From the side of the property, Brandon has utilised a Girder truss with an accompanying Howe Girder truss. The straight design of the Girder truss includes a top and bottom chord, separated by diagonal and vertical webs. By installing the Girder truss across the entire width of the property, other structural elements and trusses are supported, which provides a cost effective solution to steel beams.

As this order has been confirmed, our design team will now work alongside the customer to create final designs, which will then be produced and distributed from RML Central. 

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email or call us on 01933 279597.