RML Central Truss Production Processes Q&A


Based at RML Central in Wellingborough, Production Assistant Drew Moyo and Assistant Head of Truss Production Michelle Brayfield are responsible for issuing work to the factory, answering customer queries and ensuring deliveries are made on time. By supporting Head of Truss Production Mat Harbour, they ensure our factories remain productive and are on hand to solve any challenges which may arise.

Whilst Michelle has recently joined the production team from the call-off department, Drew began his production role in late 2019 and has gathered knowledge of our products through technical training. After developing his understanding of trusses and the design elements involved, Drew now has a strong grasp around our manufacturing processes and can apply this to allocating work.

To find out more about the processes that contribute towards successful truss production, we asked Michelle and Drew some key questions:

What are your daily responsibilities?

Drew: ‘My daily tasks are mainly issuing jobs to the factory, answering customer queries and taking in supplies for the factory.’

Michelle: ‘My daily responsibilities are dealing with all customer queries which come into the business, regarding delivery times and any ancillary items needed on site. I also complete the invoicing, which is sent out daily.’

How is work issued to the factory?

Drew: ‘Work is issued to the factory by the cutting sheets. Firstly I print out a yard ticket – which has all the metalwork and timber required for the particular plots – and a work ticket, which shows exactly what the employees in the factory need to make. The timber will then be picked from the yard and sent to the hundegger saw, which precisely cuts the timber into the correct lengths. The cut timber is then taken to the tables to be assembled with the metalwork and press.’

What communication do you mostly have with customers?

Michelle: ‘Most of the communication I have with customers involves enquiries around exact delivery dates and times, in order for the site to be prepared for receiving the trusses.’

What other departments do you work closely with?

Drew: ‘I mostly communicate with the design and estimation department, as customers may have questions around technical design information, which I am then able to advise on after speaking to the team. I also speak to the drivers regularly to direct them for deliveries in the morning or track their whereabouts for estimated arrival times.’

Michelle: ‘We often liaise with the call-off department, as customers may want to call off additional plots and we are the first point of contact for advising exactly when that can be delivered.’

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