Production Progress Following the Installation of a New Truss Press at our Wales & West Site


Prior to the lockdown period, our Wales & West site installed a new truss press to increase capacity and production levels. As orders have now increased to levels which resemble pre-covid demand, the team at our Wales & West factory in Abercarn have been able to utilise the features of this equipment.

Updating our facilities to include modern equipment is a key aspect of our quality management. This press is an A V Birch 35t truss press, on a 20m long table to allow for all truss configurations. Through the simple controls, fast set-up times and production speed, maximum productivity is ensured regardless of the mix of truss shapes and batch quantities required.


Building on the capabilities of the two truss presses already established at the factory, this additional press allows for a 50% increase in production due to the size. This table press design allows for infinite number of webs and joints, which in turn provides limitless design possibilities. Prior to this stage of manufacturing, our efficient Hundeggar Saws are used to provide the cut truss timber, with the precision outlined by our designers.

Ensuring the efficiency of this new truss table starts with our employees, which Branch Manager Tom Carter has been developing from his experience at our Central factory. As well as onboarding 4 additional production staff to work on the table, Tom has been focusing on upskilling existing staff to lead a new team.

By giving employees a more thorough insight into the entire manufacturing process and unifying the teams with new members, Tom will be improving productivity as this press is integrated into production.

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