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Treating Employees with Respect in Parental Leave Policies

The days where employers did the bare minimum for employees becoming parents are rapidly starting to look like the dark ages. Did anyone really ever ask a prospective employee whether they were planning to start a family soon? We all know it happened all the time, but it feels pretty sinister when measured against today’s values.

There are few policy updates that are as overdue in a balanced and open society as those covering Parental Leave, and RML’s CEO Sam Gartside is delighted that Head of HR Anna Kennedy has taken the company’s policies above and beyond statutory minimums:

“We value all our staff incredibly highly and that is no different when they are planning to start or expand their family,” she explained. “With the support of the entire leadership team, RML is now clear in its commitment to supporting all employees fully through this exciting and sometimes difficult time; whether it is pregnancy, surrogacy or adoption.”

Maternity and Paternity Pay are set well above statutory minimums and designed to allow both parents to share the experience more fully. Staff enduring pregnancy loss, while thankfully rare, or failure of surrogacy or adoption, are also supported generously with a range of leave and parental leave payments.

In her HR role, Anna is a firm believer in making sure those starting families are treated with respect: “Becoming a parent is something to celebrate, while taking the time to grieve a lost pregnancy is critically important for personal wellbeing. We value all our staff and seek to support them through every stage of their lives and our new and updated parental leave policies reflect that.”

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