Production Supervisor Tom Carter moves into Branch Manager role

Tom Carter – Branch Manager

For 14 years, Tom Carter has been a valued member of the Production team at our Central Wellingborough Truss factory. After 5 years as a Production Supervisor, he has gained vast product and process knowledge. His role has thus recently developed to take on the management of Wales & West processes, as Branch Manager for both sites in Wellingborough and Abercarn. As well as quality management, Tom manages our manufacturing methods and ensures orders are completed in a timely manner.

Although Tom will eventually be balancing his time between the two factories, he has spent the last month consistently at our Wales and West site to become familiar with their current processes and identify areas of improvement.

Tom is proficient in building relationships with colleagues to facilitate communication and boost morale, which he will matching in Wales to unify a team with many new starters. Tom’s role change has also given Dan Baker (Team Leader at RML Central) the opportunity to step into a new Supervisor position, in which they have been managing the transition through daily communication across the two sites.

With new employees joining RML Wales & West, Tom has been able to support management in Wales with areas of training such as fork lift driving. This is also an area where Tom has set clear objectives for integration of processes, in regards to organising the flow of fork lift traffic to maximise efficiency. Changes have also been made in regards to how production employees manage and record their workload, as Tom will be giving the team a better insight into job details to improve their understanding of the entire process.

Our Wales & West site has seen many changes and developments over past year, with a brand new truss press installed. A significant project for Tom has been the integration of this new equipment with existing processes and the two presses already used, as Wellingborough has been successfully co-ordinating production with three presses for many years. 

Following the lockdown period, our truss orders have been steadily increasing as customers require more products to match building levels. Tom has enjoyed working through this increase in production and his assistance will ensure that our Wales & West site are working at optimum efficiency. 



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