A Timber Frame Day

RML Wales and West, based in Ebbw Vale, is Robinson Manufacturing’s timber frame hub, manufacturing timber frame panels and floor cassettes to meet ever increasing demand from housebuilders for off-site manufactured components to speed build programmes and reduce the environmental impact of new housing. The site also manufactures trusses.

It’s a busy, lively environment and the day starts at 7am with a review of the previous day’s productivity, and a discussion of expectations for the coming day, planning and rolling out to the teams. Every member of the team is expected to contribute to these meetings and challenge if required to ensure the optimum production targets can be achieved each day.

As soon as these meetings conclude, it’s onto production. CNC saws, panel saws and large table saws start cutting and work begins on each of the production tables.

While truss manufacture is based around jig set up and repetitive pressing until the required quantity of each design is achieved, timber frame panels are made individually, by hand, and by a single colleague who signs each completed drawing so any feedback can be accurately shared.

Outside these activities are the support roles. A picking team ensures that all saws are replenished throughout the day. Team leaders are constantly visible on the shop floor and readily available for any queries the team may have as well as undertaking hourly, daily and weekly quality checks across all products and processes.

Transport for timber frame panels is part of a highly co-ordinated project plan, which we will cover in a future blog.

If you’re interested in talking to RML about its timber frame offering, email us or call 01933 279597. We will happily arrange a tour of the Ebbw Vale site to demonstrate our capabilities.

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email sales@rmuk.co.uk or call us on 01933 279597.