Timber Frame: Cost-Effective Construction

Timber-framed structures have several advantages when compared to other forms of building materials including brick, masonry, and concrete.

However, a key benefit that has emerged over the years is the cost-effectiveness of this Modern Method of Construction (MMC). According to the Exploring Current Thinking on Modern Methods of Construction whitepaper by The Housebuilder & Developer magazine research team, using timber frame reduces build time on site by up to 50%. This then leads to reduced labour and site-related costs.

The increased precision that can now be offered through technological developments in the manufacture of timber frame also leaves less room for any unexpected remedial costs. It also means less wastage and only paying for materials that will realistically be used.

Specifically at Robinson Manufacturing, it all starts with design. With unrivalled attention to detail, our projects are planned meticulously to minimise the impact on time and material costs down the line. 

Sandeep Channa, Senior Manager of the Timber Frame department, added her thoughts on the subject:

“Timber frame has such a vast range of benefits, with cost-effectiveness being just one. What I have found is that all the benefits are linked. The on site build time saving means a labour cost-saving, which then means more efficient processes that are kinder to our environment. It has certainly come a long way since the prefab buildings of the ‘80s.”

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