Impact of Timber Frame on Truss Installation

Truss installation on standard builds can be heavy on time and skill consumption, and the increasing prevalence of timber frame allows housebuilders to reduce this time and cut down on the amount of skilled time required – a real bonus where skilled labour is increasingly scarce.

Head of Timber Frame at RML, James Stanbridge, explains: “Where timber frame excels in relation to roofing compared to traditional builds is that we can build the roofs up on our floor decks, lift them down, put the upper floor walls up then lift the roof into its final position. This means completing the top floor and roof in one day, leaving the roof structurally complete and available for the roofers to felt/batten/tile the next day.”

That’s a very different way to approach truss installation and speed improvements are also supported by decreased H&S risk as falls from height are eliminated, and, of course, an improvement in quality, as a roof is assembled on a flat surface rather than in situ where access can be more challenging with reduced availability of suitable working platforms

The improvements housebuilders are able to access through timber frame is driving more and more – of all sizes – to open discussions with RML about extending existing truss and joist supply to include timber frame in their build plans.

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timber frame and truss installation

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