Robinson Manufacturing Limited have learned a lot from the wisdom of trees over the years. As discussed in our recent blog post, we have been addressing the potential hazard presented by falling trees and leaves at our site in Wales.

The Wisdom of Trees

The specialists we collaborated with to clear the quarry face initially utilised rope access to address the task. However when some stone came away from the work area, the task was aborted in line with their risk assessment, to instead use a tactic trees use from birth – deeper roots.

Using a crane and radio comms, the team were able to minimise their interaction with the rock face, get to the areas in need of attention more swiftly and reduce time lost to entanglements.

By using a chipper on site, we were able to reduce the amount of waste created for disposal elsewhere and use a natural solution to reduce foliage growth at ground level which might otherwise hinder storage and efficiency of our staff on site.

wisdom of treesElsewhere at the hub of our flooring division in Wellingborough, we have this week continued to invest in the infrastructure of our operations and put down roots in a position to help us grow and thrive.

By putting racking close to the factory, we have reduced the risks associated with moving product by minimising the distance from production line to storage, and subsequently from racking to the bed of our delivery fleet. Time saved in these processes allows us to concentrate on getting customer orders produced and delivered even more efficiently.

This month also sees our MD Mark Smy and COO Simon Kidney visit Sweden to further relations with some of our PEFC certified suppliers. Our success has grown from the manufacture of high quality timber products, and we are committed to ensuring our continued growth follows the strict ethical standards by which we conduct ourselves without endangering the tree species that have enabled us to be on course for a record year of production.