The Winning Mindset

Being responsible for steering a business through a period of change is a significant challenge for any Leader.

Senior Leaders within Robinson Manufacturing had previously undertaken Management Development programmes, but with the addition of new members to the Team from the acquisition of National Hickman; a new programme was needed to set the standard and expectation for the Leadership Team going forward.

Dealing with daily production and operational challenges means that taking time out of the business for self-development can feel like a stretch too far. To create an effective environment for this development, Robinson Manufacturing began working in partnership with High Performance Consultancy Sporting Edge to introduce a programme geared around “The Winning Mindset”. The Leadership Team attended an introductory workshop in May led by Sporting Edge Founder and ex cricketer Jeremy Snape to set the initial foundations for the programme and the expectations for the team.   

The “Winning Mindset” programme is designed to give true flexibility to busy Leaders with a series of weekly modules based on self-discovery through online learning. Participants in the programme receive links to topical commentary from sporting leaders, academics and performance experts to enhance their understanding of each area.

This is supported by keynotes, online discussion groups and workbooks which participants can  use to further enhance their understanding. With much of the digital content just a couple of minutes long, this means development can be scheduled into any spare few minutes during the day and still be impactful and worthwhile. The real benefit of the programme is the ability to personalise the learning experience in a way that suits each individual and their schedule most effectively.