The second month already? I cannot believe how quick time has gone; it’s probably down to how busy I have been. As well as being given countless jobs/responsibilities to pursue, I have been incredibly interested and intrigued by many things, therefore resulting in further research being made off of my own back. I often find myself going off on a tangent, trying to find out as much information on a certain subject as possible. Anyway, I feel extremely settled here, at Robinson Manufacturing, and I honestly feel like I have been here for much longer than just two months. Everyone is still continuing to make me feel comfortable and welcomed, as well as guiding me through any difficulties or queries I may have. I have my own desk and area with all the supplies I need to complete all the jobs I need to fulfil; it feels very professional and sophisticated.

One thing I have noticed here, in the office, is how much the phone rings. We are always busy. Calls’ coming in left, right and centre and that is why I have now started to help out on the phones and trying my best to answer any queries any customers may have. In doing so, I have learnt even more about the industry and company as I have had to learn where to transfer people through to and how to answer any technical queries correctly. In addition to learning how to use the phones, I also had a two day training course with Gang Nail who taught me how to use the software used to draw the trusses. This was extremely interesting and beneficial as I gained a lot of detailed knowledge and learnt how to use the software precisely and correctly, as well as touching on a few shortcuts to make the software quicker to use. There were talks after these two days of training about possibly the opportunity of undergoing another training course for the software, of which I would be extremely keen on doing to widen my knowledge further on the software. I would like to know as much as possible about the software, as I will be able to use this greatly to my advantage in the future when designing trusses for customers. I have started to use the CAD drawing software on my own following a guide and trying to create roof shapes of all different types. I can now appreciate how much work the designers put in at work because the software isn’t the easiest thing to navigate around.Phones

In the two months I have been here, which is still only a short amount of time, two other employees have been recruited. This indicates to me that the company itself is growing, and at a fast pace at that. Knowing this gives me great comfort in being a part of this business, as I can clearly see this company is going places and has very high aspirations and goals that will certainly be met. I am confident that Robinson Manufacturing will achieve even more great things in the foreseeable future and I would like to contribute and help to achieve this in any way I can.