The RML Performance Management Approach

Assessing performance regularly is a key process for our business so that employees are aware of their progress. Performance reviews ensure managers can analyse standards of work against expectations to then give and receive feedback. Creating this mutual environment also gives an opportunity for employees to be open and honest around the ways that RML as a business can facilitate their growth.

In order to be truly effective, these conversations need to be a mixture of formal and informal whilst also being customised to suit the individual. Formal methods can be effective in allowing employees to be accountable for their progress and setting measured goals. However, introducing informal discussions means that suggestions for improvement are viewed as constructive rather than confidence damaging.

At RML we have a quarterly review process that is aligned with our company values to review growth and refresh objectives. Employees take ownership of this and attend meetings prepared with their achievements and concerns to ensure meaningful conversations take place.

In addition to the formal approach, managers have informal reviews with individuals and teams through regular 1-1s, constant communication and recognition. Leaders are also trained with coaching techniques to help people improve on the job and empower them to problem solve. This regular feedback can improve employee’s progression as managers recognise outstanding work and encourage positive behaviours in the future.

By incorporating performance management into everyday life, goals are continuously set to add value into individual’s learning and career development. Supporting our employees and goal setting in this way helps us stay aligned with our company values and keep the employment relationship consistent.