The Extra Mile June 2019

Every month, Robinson Manufacturing rewards a member of staff who has done something exceptional, whether that’s to help colleagues or customers.

Nominations can be made by any of our colleagues, and the winner is chosen by the leadership team.

For June, the award winners are:

Winner Nominated by Reason for nomination
Mark Clarke Anne-Marie Phillips We had a driver who got stuck in services on a Friday afternoon and had to park his lorry overnight in the services. Mark was asked to bring the truck back to the yard on a Saturday which he agreed willingly.  I feel Mark went beyond his role and coming in on his day off. He was so willing to help so that we could have the truck back in the yard ready for Mondays deliveries. I feel he went that extra mile in more ways than one.
Sam Burns Sarah Horden On a recent design quote Sam had a very tight deadline to complete the work, which had 19 bespoke designs, and worked over to make sure the quote went back on time.  This is the first time Sam has ever worked overtime and commented “I had a deadline that I knew if we did not hit we would not be in contention for the job, I have never worked over for a company before but knew this was important for me and the team, I am prepared to do this going forward as I know there will be other deadlines in the future”
Alistair Wyldes Mat Harbour Inspire:  Coming back from injury and tackling anything that is asked of him and some things that aren’t.  He’s adapting psychologically to a completely different role as well as his altered physical ability.  Great member of the team to have back at Central.
David Duffy Rob Ardis On his own initiative he decided to tidy up the grounds and outside areas of the location to ensure that visitors entered a clean and well maintained site. He removed rubbish and debris from the area adjacent to the Production Staff carpark even though this area is not part of RML and neatly stacked some old pallets that had been strewn there. n the extended absence of the cleaner due to illness he has taken to ensuring the canteen and ablutions are always in a clean and tidy condition.

This month’s awards were as well earned as ever – congratulations!

How do we choose the Extra Mile Award recipients?

The concept of recognising our employees for going above and beyond their day to day job responsibilities with the Extra Mile Awards has recently been reviewed to align it with our Staff Charter.

This gives us a strong and consistent foundation for how we base our nominations, which – by linking our staff and customer value – are now considered against the following criteria:

  • Innovate
  • Deliver
  • Inspire