As the first year of Lauren Hewitt’s apprenticeship comes to an end, we asked her to write about her experience:

First Apprenticeship Year completed

I have now finished my apprenticeship at Robinson Manufacturing and what a year it’s been! Not only have I learnt so much but the company has built me up as person. Its been so quick but there has never been a dull moment.

I have now got my level 2 Diploma in Business Administration and I’m hopefully going to go on to my level 3. Robinson Manufacturing have really helped with my college work and have supported me with everything I needed help on.

I do a lot of the front line work  (you may have heard me answering the phones if you have called in. I have been given the responsibility of logging on all the quotes for the business and am really enjoying it).

I found at the start of my apprenticeship everything was very scary and was not very confident with a lot of things but I gave them a go anyway. Answering the phones was the scariest because I had just come out of school and didn’t really know what I was doing but I eventually got there and now I’m answering the phones without hesitation and am not afraid to talk to anyone.

The most challenging thing what I have had to deal with is the long days. At school your day goes quickly because you have everything is planned out for you and you are constantly doing stuff but at work when I first started I found myself in a very different situation, very independent.

As much as there have been lots of bumps and hurdles I have loved working at Robinson Manufacturing and hope to continue for at least another year. Everyone has supported me through such a life changing year for me and I hope it to continue for a very long time.