Robinson Manufacturing (RML) has grown significantly over the past years in terms of size as well as product portfolio. Therefore, a consistent structure of procedures is crucial to maintain effective procedures while not compromising the quality of our products. Matt Harbour, Head of Technical Operations explains below how this was achieved across the business.


When asked about the business Mat said: “RML has changed significantly over the time that I’ve been working here and the combined industry expertise of our colleagues is at an all-time high, some 355 years of 10yr+ experience. With that wealth of experience comes very many different methods of reaching the same goal, each with its own merit. At RML we constantly strive for excellence and aim to raise the bar across the many processes we perform and needed a way to communicate our best practices and standards.


“I have introduced Technical Bulletins to provide rapid and concise instructions to the business. They will cover a range of topics from factory procedures to minimum details required on a set of approval drawings for our customers and plenty more.” Mat added.


The Technical Bulletins will be distributed across all members of staff, irrelevant of the subject as a method to help all colleagues become aware of elements of the business they’re not directly involved with.


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