Supporting Coventry Rugby’s Project 500

As part of RML’s partnerships programme, we assist as much as possible with causes that can benefit members of the community that are less fortunate. For this reason, we viewed sponsoring the Project 500 scheme introduced by Coventry Rugby as a perfect opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives.

Our founder Tim Robinson was always a firm believer in giving people from working class backgrounds the chance to prove their abilities and excel. This has continued to be a key part of our values as a company and something we are proud to promote.

As around 16,000 children in Coventry are currently living below the poverty line, Coventry Rugby can offer a truly unique experience that they would not ordinarily have access to. Through a 4-day programme, children are taken through various engaging activities based around Rugby which gives them vital team work and confidence skills.

The Coventry squad have also been able to pass on their knowledge around nutrition, exercise and wellness, providing key role models for the young groups.

When we caught up with the organisers this week the groups were entering into their final day of the experience, in which all children would be presented with their own shirts signed by the whole squad.

In addition to the rugby camp, each child is gifted a Season Pass so they can enjoy the homes games and bond with their parent or guardian.

This time spent away from any daily struggles is invaluable to young people and it is very rewarding to see how our contributions have made a positive impact.