You may have been following the development by Robinson Manufacturing’s team of apprentices of a networking event for a wider audience of apprentices across the county.

Successful Apprentice Networking Event

Yesterday’s apprentice networking event was a success. Having the chance to sit down and learn how other apprentices operate within their business functions was a really interesting, and helpful experience that is hard to get a hold of due to the lack of networking events for apprentices such as ourselves. Understanding how not just our, but other roles, within companies operate was valuable.

We put together some interesting activities which tested all of us on getting to know each other, and our respective roles. During the event we managed to cover a lot of topics revolving around what skills and abilities are most involved in each of our current jobs. This then helped us to discuss the challenges we face every day in our work environments, which created a group discussion to see if anyone had experienced this type of challenge and how to overcome them.

Overall, we thought the morning was very beneficial to not just us, but also the apprentices who came to participate and our employers who also monitored what challenges we find in the workplace. This was great for creating new ideas and solutions.

We aim to expand our new network with further successful events in the future, and will be planning the next event very soon.