Student Accommodation Block Roof

The factory here in Wellingborough are more than used to producing standard, fink trusses for many house builders. But every now and again we have some unusual shaped trusses to produce.

This was the case when we won an order from SticX, a timber frame specialist based in Merseyside, to design and produce a roof for a student accommodation block they are building.

Phase one consisted of 220 large span trusses with over 20 truss configurations, each slightly different to the next. SticX requested that the roof be delivered in one load, to Liverpool for a crane off load. While the configuration of the trusses wasn’t exceptionally challenging, their construction was.  With the pitch of the trusses being so low, it meant that every angled cut was very close to 90° meaning a sharp eye and an accurate saw were essential.  Thanks to our Hundegger Speedcut SC3, the cuts were spot on and each web printed to identify its location, making assembly a quicker operation.

Despite the large number of trusses and set ups, the job was completed in just one day. A great effort from the Wellingborough manufacturing team.  An early start for John Moore and the trusses arrived in good time to meet the crane.

Now into phase two!