stubbed roof trussesStubbed Roof Trusses

Stubbed Roof Trusses are a common modification of the standard roof truss.

Where a full truss is truncated, it is referred to as a stubbed roof truss. Since stubbed trusses usually occur with full profile trusses, they are normally derived from the geometry of the profile truss. This is for several practical and economic reasons:

  • Helping to maintain rafter alignment
  • Minimising production downtime in resetting the jig, since only a few adjustments are required.
  • Reduced cutting time
  • Alignment of webs helps detailing and installation of the stability bracing and services.

There are no limitations on the amount trusses can be stubbed, but to prevent large uplift forces occurring, and approximate guide is to ensure the final span is not less than the height of the truss.

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