For the most part, we take for granted that our car will start when we turn the key*. But a lot has to happen before the engine roars into life and we can drive away,

Similarly, Robinson Manufacturing Ltd do an huge amount before our quality engineered timber joists and trusses are delivered to site.

At headquarters this week, Risk Business Partner Greg Farrar and Quality Manager Richard Britton have completed one of the many audits undertaken in the course of a year to ensure our PEFC and CE Mark certifications are up to standard, including:

  • Moisture readings of timber deliveries
  • Checks of the accuracy and usability of measuring devices
  • Independent checks of the validity of supplier certifications
  • Randomised spot assessments of elements all ensure that the finished product is a representation of the standards we pride ourselves on when it arrives on site.

Robinsons Manufacturing Ltd – taking nothing for granted when it comes to quality.

*With apologies to those of you old enough to remember when you could never take it for granted that your car would start!