Staff Survey Comments 29th May

Do you have any other comments/tips you’d like us to share with your colleagues?

A walk a day blows the cobwebs away… Make sure to get some outdoor time

Be patient, it looks like things are starting to improve.

Buy a kayak!

Can you play: Enrique Iglesias – hero ;.. from all drivers please

Don’t watch too much news it can be very one sided


Enjoy the sunshine

Great to be having contact with sites again with site managers calling me enquiring about certain issues. Also I’ve helped bring 2 enquiries in, both for trusses and Eco joist one of which we have won the other is currently with estimating.

Have a great weekend

Hope everything returns normal soon, enjoy the good weather

I hope everyone is doing well 🙂

I’m ready for work now

It’s great to be back in work, would be nice to see more work mates joining us asap

Jamie giving me a possibly return date gives me direction

Just stay safe over the weekend

Just waiting for that green button – I can’t wait to return

Keep safe everyone and all families I wish you all the best!

Keep smiling

Keep the mind active (physically and mentally) whilst creating some personal goals.

Keep your chin up.

One day closer peeps, stay safe, see you soon x

Really looking forward to get back to normality

Red wine and Gin

Remember, if it gets tough – talk to someone 🙂


Stay blessed and healthy

STAY safe

Stay safe and hopefully see everyone back at work soon

Stay safe everyone, see you all soon

Stay safe everyone.

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Try and keep yourself busy and active

What new achievements/learnings have you accomplished in the past week?

50 miles of cycling over the weekend

A bit of diy

Achieving two big eco orders in which will arrive shortly

Back in work


Been out exploring new places with the family

Been walking more since the weather has been nice again.


Build new PC

Building a brick wall

Built a hedgehog house 😊

Built a summerhouse 😊

Completed some garden & diy projects




Decorating the house


Finished week 5 of Couch to 5km


Garden work


Have started my painting

Healthier eating and 2 mile walks daily

History of the Blues-Open University

Home school my kids

How to apply felt roofing

How to debone a chicken

How to hang wallpaper

I completed this beginner sign language course

I learned how to make a shoe holder for storage

I will have held my first Zoom meeting for a catch up with friends

I’ve learned how to paint the house 😊

I’ve joined a diet and fitness programme

Keeping wife sane(ish). Helping some friends with YouTube channel content. Cooking for neighbour who lives alone. Filling a skip….. Plenty.

Learned to properly service my bike

learning more about plants and growing vegetables

Learning more processes

Learnt to Kayak

Learnt to play chess

Longer walks

Lots of Gardening

More crocheting – a tea cosy and a boho top for my grand daughter

More gardening

More gardening!


None really as been busy decorating.

Planning to build another bird aviary.

Planted flowers for the wife

Plants in garden, got a paddling pool for dogs.

Playing golf again

Potted some seeds to germinate.

Put a new laminate in living room and dining room

Reading more

Reading, fishing, bit of DIY

Self love

Started a model

Staying active

Sticking to my exercise routine, as has been erratic

Swotting truss and eco info and a round of golf for the first time !!!!!

Taught myself how to properly service my mountain bike

Trying to help an injured pony on the mountain during a recent walk

You can never have just one hedgehog