Be careful we don’t want a 2nd wave

Carry on working well and stay safe

Don’t just assume your kids are ok, speak with them!

Don’t binge eat whilst you binge watch! It’ll be binge jogging needed next!

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe!

Get yourself a mcdonalds breakfast

Glad to be back at work

Glad to be back working

Go out and enjoy it but still be careful

Help the economy, go shopping!

Hope everyone is happy and well

Hope everyone is still safe and well

Keep the faith 😊

Keep the mind active, stay fit so you don’t get fat

Keep watching the Vlog – very good tool

Looking forward to getting back on Monday

Nearly there

Need back too work !! 😊

Really looking forward to get back to work

Stamp duty cease = win win win for RML!! Onwards and upwards!

Stay safe

Stay safe

Stay safe

Stay safe

stay safe

stay safe & healthy

stay safe and well,

Stay safe to all

Stay safe!!!

The gyms are opening soon so we can soon get back into shape -or some form of!

Think positive, All will be ok in the end.

To all those that have been working all the way through well done you are all amazing

Your health is the most important thing in life, keep 1m distance and stay safe x