St Ives RFC Win the Crabbies Rugby Club Of the Year

Robinson Manufacturing MD Mark Smy and St Ives RFC go back many years and as Chair of the club, he was really annoyed when their landmark win of the Crabbies Club of the Year awards event at Twickenham clashed with him moving house!

“I couldn’t believe the timing,” explained Mark. “My club wins something amazing and I can’t be there to share the glory of the event!”

On the back of the win – a first for St Ives RFC, the club were invited onto Rugby Tonight at the BT Sports studio last Wednesday to take part in various Halloween themed challenges including apple bobbing – if you look closely, you can see the RML logo on the sleeve of one of the bobbers.

Sarra Elgan, Ugo Monye, Ben Kay are the main hosts. Joe Marler was the guest.

Robinson Manufacturing are involved in rugby clubs around the country, sponsoring St Ives and Coventry as well as a local club in Abercarn, South Wales, near our Wales and West factory.