Sponsoring Local Employee Endeavors

Sponsoring local charities and programmes is something that RML are already proud to be a part of, especially when it is something our employees are passionate about. When our Flooring Central Production Supervisor John Goode raised the opportunity to sponsor his Under 8’s football team, RML were happy to help.

John has personally set up the Great Doddington Youth Under 8s from scratch around 12 months ago and has overseen their progress as a proud coach. As a non-profit organisation, the football club rely on sponsors and donations to pay for the vital resources and league payments that keep the team playing.

Recently a particular need for jackets arose as a result of the cold weather and to unify the team. RML have not just been rewarded by seeing our logo on the team’s jackets, but mostly in the excitable reactions from the children! John has commented on the new training kit:

‘The kids absolutely loved getting their new jackets sponsored by RML and they feel like a proper team. Myself and the kids can’t thank RML enough. They look fantastic and all the parents love them too.’

John has a passion for football and the volunteer work he puts in is admirable, with the results being clear as they have recently joined the Northants Junior Weetabix development Under 8s league. He carries out this coaching in addition to the hard work he puts into his full time role at our Flooring Central site. John is also then working through coaching badges required to ensure the team reach their full potential.

We are glad that we can be a part of John’s journey for both himself and the children in his team; who range from ages 5 to 8. If anyone has or knows a child wanting to learn to play in the Northamptonshire area, please contact john.goode@eppiea6.sg-host.com.