Spandrel Panels

Spandrel PanelRobinson Manufacturing are suppliers of large numbers of spandrel panels to the major house builders. These timber frame panels can offer a time saving and cost effective alternative to building up masonry walls. There is also a benefit for Health & Safety on site, due to the ease and speed of erection.

Made to the profile of the roof, a spandrel panel provides a dividing wall, with acoustic and fire rated properties to satisfy current building regulations.

Robinson Manufacturing will liase with the customer to determine the specification that is required, on a site-by-site basis. Initially discussions are useful to check that a spandrel panel is a cost effective alternative to traditional block work. We will also advise on the handling of spandrel panels once on site.

Robinson Manufacturing’s spandrel panels are specifically designed and fabricated and replace the need for conventional masonry, saving time and expense, vital to any project, large or small.