Spandrel Panels Production Process


Spandrel Panel production process

Spandrel panels have been in production at Robinson Manufacturing for almost 10 years and supplied to house builders nationally. Many house builders utilise spandrel panels in construction for their time saving and cost effective capabilities, rather than building up masonry walls. Made to the profile of the roof, a spandrel panel provides a dividing wall, with acoustic and fire rated properties to satisfy current building regulations.

As alternative supplies have become available on the market, we will be manufacturing spandrel panels with a fermacell® board. This unique fibre gypsum building board combines superior fire resistance, acoustic insulation and impact strength. Screwed to the frame of our spandrel panels, this board provides a water resistant internal wall and prevents damage which could be incurred from outdoor site storage. The durable nature of this material also prevents the safety risk of breakages when installing the panels from a height.

Fermacell® 15mm panels also allow for more efficient delivery, as they are thinner than two traditional plasterboard sheets, meaning more products can be stored in transit to site.

The use of spandrel panels rather than masonry walls means that house builders are able to achieve more efficient installation, as the management of additional trades for the roof is not required. Panels can also allow for more design flexibility and saves valuable programming time for house designers.

Therefore, this modern method of spandrel panel construction meets the needs of house builders in regards to product durability during storage, safety in installation and efficiency for both designers and site managers.

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