Site Audits

Over the last two months Robinson Manufacturing Ltd have been conducting site audits as part of our commitment to PEFC, ISO 9001:2015 and CE Mark with certification body CATG.

Bringing the new facilities – Scotland and Flooring Midlands in Wolverhampton – under the standing quality and compliance program has been an informative exercise. The opportunity to discuss process with our experienced teams in the new locations gleaned a number of marginal gains based on their old methods and also as a result of the re-examination of our own systems. Those changes have been integrated into our systems linking our joist facilities throughout the UK. It has been a similar exercise to that undertaken as we set up the customer experience unit prior to the addition of our new factories.

At a time when the industry is seeing back orders of i-beams go out to five and six weeks, RML’s ability to turn enquiries into deliveries is a little as one week is a breath of fresh air.

This reflects both our customer charter and quality policy targets:

We inspire your trust and confidence by working in partnership with you

We deliver on time, on budget

By incorporating the needs of our customers, the landscape of our industry and the compliance function of the business we are able to promote continual improvement across the Company. At the same time, customer focus and the personal touch were at the core of the business our founder Tim Robinson set out to create.

We now find ourselves the leading joist manufacturer in the UK with nationwide coverage to match unrivalled capacity. The challenge of retaining our core values on a grander scale is one we accept with relish, be that through the efforts of Carol Webb our Production Manager in Scotland, or Glyn Hilson who guides production at Flooring Central, is both a director of the Company and also one of our longest serving team members. Of course, all of these values are at the core of our metal-web joist and truss offerings as well.