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Simon Kidney

Simon Kidney – CEO

Simon Kidney Chief Executive

Originally from a banking background with experience in business development, acquisition and customer service strategy, Simon took up the role of CEO as part of the Management Buyout in October 2015. From previously knowing our Managing Director Mark Smy through Rugby coaching, his journey with the company began after Mark was looking for someone to oversee the strategic aspect of RML.

All members of SLT report to Simon for approval of their plans and he has the predominant responsibility of overseeing growth and acquisition. In addition to managing the phenomenal growth of RML over the past few years, Simon is responsible on a daily basis for operations, sales, risk, governance, marketing, HR and finance.

Simon prides himself on leadership, with close communication always being upheld amongst his colleagues. Co-ordinating and people management is especially required in his role as he brings together the views of our senior leaders that specialise in their various areas across the UK.

After putting in place a clear customer journey when joining the business, Simon is always looking for opportunities to improve the way we communicate with customers and provide the best service possible.