Showhouse Feature – Sustainability in Timber Roofing 


Consideration for the environment is at the height of importance in the construction industry and – to recognise this – we have appeared in Showhouse’s August issue to discuss sustainability in the manufacturing process of timber roofing. Roofing is a significant percentage of a house build, which makes it even more important for their construction to be eco-friendly. We aim to provide our customers with responsibly sourced and manufactired products and show how we achieve this, for housebuilders to then prove their contributions to sustainability.

Our MD Mark Smy commented in this feature: “Timber roof trusses are about as eco-friendly as it gets for most housebuilders, using timber from sustainable sources (under PEFC or FSC) rather than steel manufactured trusses. Many housebuilders now combine timber trusses with solar panels, using RML engineered roof designs to ensure solar panel loads are accounted for. Likewise thatch or sedum rooves require careful design to ensure substantial load increases are accommodated.”

Our late founder Tim Robinson was one of the early green visionaries in the construction supply chain and the lead in installing onsite biomass plants. This investment into shredding facilities means that the business now has the capacity to effectively recycle the final 15% of waste, which eliminates the need for any offsite timber disposal. As well as this contributing to a reduction in landfill waste of around 40 tonnes a year, this is a renewable source of energy to heat our offices.

We have also recognised the change in trends as a result of Covid-19, with more people working from home leading to popularity on ‘room in the roof’ layouts. This allows for a more flexible way of working and the space can be just as well insulated as a traditional attic space.

Innovation in our designs and these eco-friendly waste disposal methods are what sets us apart in the supply of timber products for the UK’s housebuilders. We continue to monitor changes in the market and needs of our customers, in order to make continuous improvements and work towards a greener supply chain.

Read the full Showhouse roofing feature here.

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