Self Build Project Attic Trusses

We’ve recently completed a project to provide complex attic trusses to a client in Moulton.

The project was a 4-bed chalet using attic trusses throughout with complicated interactions between roof lights, dormer windows and the stairwell.

The trusses also exceeded the safe transportation limits so were manufactured in two parts.

Careful consideration was given to the two-part trusses to ensure that labour and scaffold costs would be kept to a minimum for Mr Keyes.  The Gang Nail software was able to produce very useful 3D images for Mr Keyes to pass to his carpenter to help plan the sequencing of the construction as well as visualising the options for a ridge roof light to provide light to the kitchen area.

The customer, Gary Keyes wrote to thank us for our support: “When starting a self-build project, the first thing you come to realise is that it¹s not necessarily about what you know but who you know.  Working with the right people is essential. The roof structure is of course pretty fundamental and in my case reasonably complex. RML were known to me as a local business and both my architect and project manager had no hesitation in endorsing and recommending RML. Both having worked with them on many previous projects.”

“With rooms built into the roof and the location of ridge/roof lights was a key area of design,” he continued. “That challenge was quickly met and plans duly produced. The facility to view a 3-D model via a software application made the structure “come alive “.  Helpfully you made several positive recommendations – in particular the use of attic trusses in the garage creating a large additional storage area which could be converted into a room and therefore adding both extra usage and value to the property.  Having agreed a production date, seeing my roof arrive (on time!) was a big moment in the build process.  The trusses were offloaded in order enabling the carpenters to fix them directly onto the wallplate quickly and efficiently. All of the necessary components, instructions and plans were provided on delivery. Whilst there was one small point of clarification this was dealt with immediately by RML.  Would I use RML again? Without hesitation, the project was delivered on time, on budget and with personnel who clearly understand client requirements and were able to communicate in a friendly and professional manner.”